Survival Kit Suggestions

Survival Kit Contents

Item Use
Space Blanket As a blanket to keep warm or a tarp to keep dry
Whistle, Match Box, Compass Combination Whistle to alert searchers, compass to find direction or give bearings,  match box to contain strike any where matches
LED Flashlight and Battery Use to keep comfortable at night or to signal searchers
15 Strike Any Where Matches (in combination match box) Use to ignite fires for signaling or warmth
Heat Tabs / Fire Starter Use to light fires in wet weather
2 Lawn and Leaf Trash Bags Use as emergency rain suit, bivie sack, still to make water from snow, ground pads or 1,001 uses
3’ of Heavy Duty Foil Reflector to stay warm from a small fire, water still, bowls or 1,001 other uses
10’ Duct Tape Repair clothing, boots, skis, or snow shoes, make tent out of space blanket, another 1,001 uses
10’ of Flagging Tape Mark your way to and from water, or where you left the trail, etc.
10’ of Parachute Cord Boot laces, tent set up, litter construction, many more uses
2 Water Purification Tablets Each one good for 1 quart of safe water
1 Quart Zip Lock Bag Contains the  kit and serves as a 1 quart canteen

All Rescues Are Free of Charge!

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