Purpose of Friends

Friends of Mountain Rescue (FMR) is the fund raising and fund management arm of Vail Mountain Rescue Group (VMRG). FMR is devoted to ensuring that Eagle County has a highly trained and equipped search and rescue team. Every season, residents and visitors alike become lost or injured in the back-country. Without the VMRG volunteer team, many lives could be lost.

FMR’s financial goal is to raise funds to pay the annual capital and operating expenses not covered by public agency support. FMR’s efforts also mean that the VMRG volunteer rescuers can focus their time away from jobs and families primarily on training and rescue missions, not on fundraising.

Additionally, FMR’s fundraising is receiving enthusiastic support from many Vail Valley communities and clubs. Many local businesses have also provided much appreciated support with both significant cash gifts and in-kind gifts supporting fund raising auctions.

VMRG Rescue

All Rescues Are Free of Charge!

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